Rose Spencer is the founder of Know Thyself Academy and Know Thyself Charter Schools, Inc. Rose has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, a M.S. in African American Studies from Prescott College and is currently an Education Doctoral student at Northeastern University.

Just as the Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Episcopalians and Muslims, have media outlets, schools and community centers to reinforce their teachings and beliefs, Rose feels that it is necessary for the African Diaspora to do the same. She feels that it is not feasible to think that an oppressive system will empower Africans for liberation; therefore the African Diaspora should not rely on the current system to educate and empower our people. Educational empowerment can only come after Africans in the Diaspora acknowledge our own worth. We need information that will provide us with the self-knowledge needed to free ourselves from societal bondages.


Rose believes that African empowerment is needed to liberate Africans in the Diaspora from a system that promotes a European supremacy, colonizing ideology that is undermining their identities, and their culture. Through Afrovibes Radio, Rose provides information to disrupt racial inequities and provide restorative, humanizing, justice-seeking tools and information for liberation.

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