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Dr Barry is a Board certified Emergency Medicine physician, community organizer, as well as a lifestyle and wellness coach with over 10 years’ experience in health and wellness medicine.  Dr. Barry has a passion for improving the lives of his clients, via the use of integrative natural healing methods and preventative medicine.  Dr. Barry strives to provide the lifestyle of his patients and listeners by providing the most current advice, tipsn, and tricks to help improve the health, wellness, and lifestyle of those seeking assistance in these areas. 

Dr. Barry is also the author and blogger, whom is responsible for the production of the best-selling weight loss and wellness book, Next Level Weight Loss 2.0.  This exciting book offers amazing tips to help people use cutting edge technology like smartwatches and smartphones to improve their health and wellness.  Dr. Barry has worked with over hundreds of clients, helping them achieve their goals in health, wellness, and lifestyle improvement.  Dr. Barry’s health and wellness website,, offers its visitors the latest in essential health and wellness information presented in a easily palatable manner. In his free time,


Dr Barry works as a Emergency Medicine Physician, providing emergency care to patients in the Houston, Texas area. 

Dr Barry hopes to provide his listeners with the most current health and wellness tips and advice to help them reach their lifestyle and wellness goals.

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