Club Caribbean with A.O.N Skillz 

Live Fri @6PM CST & 8PM GMT


Mountaineering from humble beginnings,The musical talent of Adrian Wilkinson (A.O.N Skillz) has been infectious from a very tender age.

Growing up in Kingsland Terrace Barbados, A.O.N Skillz’ involvment with music began at 10 years old when he discovered a love for what began as a simple past time.


7 years later, interests peeked and talents growing, A.O.N Skillz ventured into DJing and studio work in 2005 as “De General”. His journey and development in the entertainment business continued with the creation of his own group (with friends), All or Nothing Entertainment (dubbed, A.O.N Soundz) where his alias changed to "Deamon Skillz".


As the group progressed, his abilities improved with every experience; whether it was an online show, house party or session at any fete.  Since their enception, A.O.N Skillz and A.O.N Soundz graced events such as concerts headling, Fabulous and Meek Mill; both at Kensington Oval, West Concourse, Barbados.Always committed to improvement, A.O.N Skillz ventured into the world of broadcast, hosting a show called Dancehall Nation on prominent Barbadian Radio Station, 98.1 The One. He is currently a radio announcer on 98.1 The One. (Barbados)


His desire to refine his craft pushed him to change his alias once more to A.O.N Skillz. Driven to give his all or nothing. He believes if he doesn’t give over 100% with every perfomance he’s better off doing nothing. A change in name, represents yet another elevation. Growth is key, and A.O.N Skillz is determined to take his versitlility to yet another level.


With an addiction for mixing, A.O.N Skillz takes pride in being able to manipulate many genres such as dancehall, pop, hip hop, soca, RnB and more. A.O.N Skillz can electrify any event and entertain any crowd. He promises more than a good show, but an elevating experience driven by his talent, love and passion for what he does.

He says, “what I love most about this whole business is seeing people enjoying themselves fully whenever I play.”

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