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Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing market and more opportunities arise every month for authors who want to get their books into audio format. Streaming audio in smartphone apps means that it's easier than ever to buy and consume audiobooks and podcasts.

Audiobooks traditionally cost more than print or eBooks. Authors who retain the rights to their audiobooks can use this as an income stream over the long-term life of the book.

The number of audiobooks available right now is considerably smaller than print or eBooks, so you have more of a chance of standing out. Most traditionally published authors have signed away audiobook rights and many of those will never be turned into audio, so indie book authors have the advantage of a faster response to this growing market.


Whispersync technology means that you can be reading on your phone or device at breakfast, then get in your car and continue listening where you stopped reading, and when you get home, cook dinner while listening on your Echo, all without losing your place. Amazon also bundles audiobooks with eBooks, and if a customer owns an eBook version, the audiobook is cheaper.

Listeners can get audio subscriptions with Audible and Kobo, and both are seriously investing in advertising to increase audiobook listenership.

You can purchase your audiobook production package at the introductory price of $1599.99. (Regularly priced at $1999.99) . It includes:

  • Audio Book Production (In-Studio or Virtually)

  • Audio Book Editing

  • An Audio Book Marketing Strategy Consultation

  • Afrovibes Media Group Advertising Package

For more information contact Sharon at or 1-800-657-5101, EXT. 710

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